Creative Arts & Wellness Classes

Fall 2024

Read carefully! Classes may take place in person only or on Zoom only. 

Past Creative Arts Classes

Everydat spirituality

Everyday Celtic Spirituality – Lent and Easter. Explore the Carmina Gadelica (Latin, “Gaelic Songs”), an extraordinary 19th collection of Celtic prayers, hymns, charms, and rituals for everyday activities collected by Scotsman Alexander Carmichael in the western islands of Scotland.

Rory Gallagher

Irish Blues Legend: Rory Gallagher. Hear the story of renowned blues guitarist Rory Gallagher, from his early days growing up in an Ireland that had just discovered rock'n'roll, to attracting the respect and admiration of musical giants like Jimi Hendrix and Brian May.

Artwork by Jeanine Malek

Knotwork for beginners. Learn the ancient lore and symbolism around Celtic and Norse knotwork as you draw interlacing knots and spirals using grid patterns.

Croal Jackson, family photo

Write Your Family Stories. Anyone can capture their family stories, and in this class, you'll build your family legacy one story at a time. Each week, you'll learn a new story-based project that helps you tell a particular type of family story.

Graphic image of red haired woman holding a crow. Hair is tangled and knotted and two horns stick up above the top of her head. The full moon appears behind her similar to a crown or halo.

Drawing Celtic Mythology. Learn how the haunting and magical gods, goddesses, heroes, magicians, and landscapes of the Celtic realms can be given creative expression and re-interpretation.