Land Acknowledgement

Photo by Carillon RoseMeadows

The Celtic Junction Arts Center (CJAC) is located on the traditional, ancestral, and contemporary lands of the Dakota people. Our organization serves the Minnesota region, the ancestral homelands of the Dakota, Anishinaabe, Ho-Chunk, and other Indigenous nations.

We honor these Indigenous communities' history and ongoing connection to this land and commit to respectful engagement and learning from these nations as we conduct our work in this shared space.

CJAC runs its programs through the lens of the Irish who experienced over 400 years of colonization. In fleeing famine, genocide, and the loss of land, language, arts, and culture, we helped perpetrate similar atrocities in Mni Sóta Makoce. We recognize our history as white settler-colonialists and the privilege that white Irish now experience. Our cultural trauma does not excuse the trauma inflicted on others, but it does enable strong empathy, understanding, and a unique perspective to help others comprehend its impacts.

Our priorities include amplifying marginalized voices, actively supporting the revitalization of Indigenous languages, and collaborating with Indigenous partner organizations. 

Action and Engagement: 

  • Partnerships: CJAC supports and collaborates with Indigenous communities, including Wakan Tipi (Dakota) and Lac Courte Oreilles (Ojibwe), by participating in their events and fundraisers, and coordinating appropriate programming.
  • Programming: CJAC connects its programs to create inclusive community events and educational experiences. 
    • OUTREACH: Amplification of marginalized voices through our Social Justice Seminars as part of our mission to educate and connect our audiences. 
    • CONCERTS: Engaging in collaborations with Indigenous artists including Anamchairde / Kindred Spirits: A Concert, and "Irishinaabe" Irish/Ojibwe Cultural Exchange.
    • LIBRARY: Curating a collection of Indigenous-authored books for checkout and producing the First Voices: Indigenous Resources study guide.
    • EDUCATION: Championing the preservation of Indigenous languages, drawing from our understanding of the significance of native tongue preservation, as showcased in offerings like "Choctaw and Irish Poets: In Media Res" with Doireann Ní Ghríofa, and Machan Magan's "Aran Agus Im" performance on language and land.

CJAC's commitment to healing and solidarity is reflected in these actions. We aim to contribute to a more inclusive and equitable community, acknowledging our complex histories and the ongoing impact of colonization. Our comprehensive approach underscores our dedication to learning from the past and working together toward a respectful and interconnected future.