Social Outreach Seminar Series

Our social outreach seminar series seeks to engage and promote marginalized voices, especially as they intersect with Irish culture and history.

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Women in Irish Street Art

Women in Irish Street Art An overview of street art in Northern Ireland with beautiful and moving murals made by local artists, with emphasis on portrayals of women, discussed by an all-female panel.

Indigenous Language and Land Connections

Indigenous Language and Land Connections A discussion on the connection between Indigenous languages and the land on which they grew and developed.

Power of Indigenous Language

The Power of Indigenous Languages  A discussion on the value, preservation, and challenges facing the languages of the Gaeltacht and of the Anishinaabe nation

Appropriation of Irish Cultural Arts and Synbols

Appropriation of Irish Cultural Arts & Symbols by White Supremacists A thoughtful discussion on the growing prevalence of this phenomenon, what it means, and how organizations guard against it.

Irish Language Seminar promo image

Éire - Athbheochan/Revival 1893-2018  Focuses on Conradh na Gaeilge's bilingual traveling exhibition celebrating 125 years of Irish language revival. 

Frederick Douglas Seminar promo image

Frederick Douglass  Created in collaboration with the Consulates, Christine Kinealy of the Great Hunger Institute, and Dennis Brownlee of the African American Irish Diaspora Network.

Irish Community Services - Directors

Meet Irish Community Services Talk with program directors about Immigration Services, Citizenship classes, Social Services, and Youth & Family Programs.

Kindred Spirits seminar promo image

Anamchairde / Kindred Spirits  Commemorating the linguistic and cultural friendship between Ireland and the peoples of the First Nations.