Youth Advisory Council

Youth Advisory Council

The founding members of the Youth Advisory Council are in place and working hard to make the changes they want to see. Stay tuned for an update! The next round of applications will begin in summer 2024.

Join CJAC’s Youth Advisory  Council and Shape the Future of Irish Arts and Culture in the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota

Are you enthusiastic about Irish arts and culture? Would you like to make an impact by helping to shape the trajectory of an organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich traditions of Irish language, dance, music, and art? If so, we invite you to become a valued member of the new Celtic Junction Arts Center's (CJAC) Youth Advisory  Council!

As a member of the Youth Advisory Council, you will have a unique opportunity to make a difference in what matters to you and your peers by actively participating in the planning process at CJAC. Your ideas, insights, and perspectives will directly contribute to CJAC’s programs, initiatives, and long-term vision.

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What will you gain by joining?

  • Influence: Your voice matters! We believe that young people have a powerful role to play in shaping the cultural landscape of our community. As an advisory board member, you will have an important voice in the future direction of CJAC, ensuring that the organization remains relevant and appealing to your generation.
  • Leadership Experience: Being part of the Youth Advisory Council is an excellent opportunity to develop and enhance your leadership skills. You will work closely with other talented and motivated individuals, collectively brainstorming ideas, plans, and priorities. 
  • Network and Community: Joining the Youth Advisory Council opens doors to a large network of individuals and organizations who share your passion for Irish Arts and Culture. You will have the chance to connect with artists, performers, educators, and like-minded peers who can inspire and support your development. Additionally, you will be part of a close-knit community that fosters collaboration, creativity, and lifelong friendships.
  • Personal Growth: Actively engaging with CJAC's diverse range of activities and discussions has the potential to broaden your horizons. Through this hands-on experience, you will cultivate invaluable skills that will benefit you personally and professionally.
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Who can apply?

We welcome applications from young people between the ages of 16-24 who have an interest in Irish arts and culture and, ideally, direct experience of CJAC’s history and development as an organization, venue, and community hub. If you feel a bit like you’ve “grown up” at CJAC and have ideas about what activities and developments you’d like to see, we encourage you to apply. 

What will my time commitment be?

We know your time is valuable and we intend to keep the time commitment light.

  • Council positions are for one calendar year, from September - August. 
  • We would like your attendance at a monthly in-person or Zoom meeting lasting 60 minutes. 
  • We also encourage members of the Youth Advisory Council to attend at least one event monthly at CJAC
    • Includes CJAC’s annual Children’s Fair in September
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How to apply?

To apply for a position on the Youth Advisory Council, please fill out this Google Form. In this form, you may highlight your interest and relevant experience. We also encourage you to include any unique perspectives or skills you believe would be valuable. Resumes are not required but are welcome.

Join us on this exciting journey as we work to grow a vibrant and inclusive space where tradition meets invention, and where the voices of young people like you are heard and celebrated.

For any inquiries or further information, please contact

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