Celtic Junction Arts Review

Quarantine Art

Kate O'Donnell

I am an artist currently stuck in Canada painting away the hours of my quarantine. My recent works have been inspired by our inescapable reality. As my free time for painting increases with the growth of restrictions, I find it impossible to paint anything irrelevant to the pandemic, hence my quarantine art. Even though it is a frightening time, I want to paint images that exemplify connection. With a lack of socializing and activity, my creativity is hardly fueled by my daily quarantining. Although, by looking at images of togetherness and acts of humanity in the news, I found images worth painting.

[Editor’s comment: The artist’s subject matter abruptly changed on March 25, 2020 with the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Force. See below.]

"Aquarantine" Quarantine Art
9×12 inch acrylic painting on canvas

This painting was created to show a whimsical response to social distancing. As the mermaid separates herself from her friends under the sea, she is peacefully quarantining like the rest of us.

Quarantine Art
“Connected from a Distance”
12×16 inch acrylic on canvas.

I painted this after seeing the videos of the balcony concerts in Italy. It was so beautiful to see the connection strengthen even from isolation.

Thank You by Artist Kate O'Donnell in Quarantine Art
“Thank You” 9×12 inch acrylic on canvas

I wanted to use my art to show gratitude towards our health workers. After seeing an image of two workers in an embrace, I tried to capture it.

Cheers by Kate O'Donnell
9×12 inch acrylic on canvas

This painting was based on a video I saw from Italy. I love seeing how everyone is finding creative ways to come together.

George Floyd by Kate O'Donnell
“Remembering George Floyd”
9×12 inch acrylic on canvas

George Floyd was a father, a rapper, a lover of football, and a spiritual man. He was known as a “gentle giant.” He had a beautiful life that was stolen by four police officers. I felt a need to paint a tribute to him. I will continue painting images of the lives that have been lost due to racist cops. They can not be ignored, and we are responsible for ensuring no more lives like George Floyd’s are taken.

Breonna Taylor by Kate O'Donnell
“Breonna Taylor”
9×12 inch acrylic on canvas

I also completed this tribute to Breonna Taylor. She is remembered as a hard working EMT and a joy to all who knew her. Her death was shameful, as the police entered the wrong home and shot her. She has yet to receive justice. I believe her life deserves to be celebrated.

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