About the Celtic Junction Arts Review

Archiving and articulating Celtic heritage is the motto for the Celtic Junction Arts Review, the online quarterly cultural magazine produced by the Celtic Junction Arts Center, edited by Patrick O’Donnell, and designed by Carillon RoseMeadows. Founded in August 2017, the Arts Review is filled with original articles on topics related to the activities within the walls of the Celtic Junction as well as the happenings in the larger Irish and Celtic community – locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. It also showcases the writing, poetry, and visual arts of creative people. Linked primarily to CJAC’s education program and augmenting the day-to-day activities of the Celtic Junction, the Arts Review articulates the “big picture” of how Irish and Celtic culture is deepening and broadening its global footprint. The purpose of the Arts Review is to record the history and contexts of the Celtic arts and their traditions and to support the knowledge journeys of our community of learners. The categories of articles include the Irish language, history and literature, and the creative arts.


The Celtic Junction Arts Review (CJAR) is an online platform for sharing articles and information related to culture, history, arts, poetry, events, literature, and similar topics of interest to our readers.

Views and opinions expressed in any given article included in the Arts Review are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or policies of the Celtic Junction Arts Center.  

At the Celtic Junction Arts Center, we believe it’s important to study history diligently, in part, to avoid repeating past mistakes. The CJAR features a wide range of articles covering topics that may include historical figures, events, and social movements. The inclusion of an article is not an endorsement of any specific viewpoint or cause.

Our goal is to inclusively support our community’s curiosity, research, and critical thinking. We hope to deepen our collective knowledge through study, thought, and respectful dialogue, and continue to grow into a more informed and aware community.

We will not publish anything we believe runs counter to our Equity and Inclusion Statement.


Accepting submissions of Fiction, Essays, Research, Art, and Poetry. The objective of the Celtic Junction Arts Review is to archive and articulate Celtic heritage and to promote the artistic, creative, and scholarly work of the Celtic Junction community of multigenerational learners and artists.

  1. We welcome interesting and substantive articles in a polished and finished form on the following topics related to Irish and/or Celtic domains: the visual and performing arts, Irish language and literature, history and literature, family history, creative writing, the Irish in Minnesota and elsewhere, and/or connected to the education program, the Celtic Junction, and its community of organizations, and contemporary and traditional Celtic arts.
  2. We encourage local, national, and international submissions.
  3. We respectfully request permission to lightly edit for issues of clarity and format.
  4. We accept submissions on a rolling basis. If we receive a submission within two weeks of our planned publication date, we may hold the article for the following edition. Those cutoff dates are Jan 15, April 15, July 15, and Oct 15.
  5. Submissions should be in a Word or GoogleDoc format (not in a PDF) and photo files (where relevant) should be attached to the email in which you submitted the article.
  6. Submissions should be sent to education@celticjuntion.org
  7. There is a small stipend available to authors of articles we publish.

The CJAR Team

Patrick O’Donnell, Ph.D. – Editor, contributing writer, and founder of the Celtic Junction Arts Review; Director and founder of the annual Irish Arts Week; and, Director of Education and founder of CJAC’s Education Program where he teaches Irish literature, literary history, and mythology. He is also the proud father of Lily, Kate, and Aine O’Donnell.

Carillon RoseMeadows – Digital Curator, occasional contributing writer, and architect of the Celtic Junction Arts Center’s web presence.