Workshop: Adapting Pipe Tunes to Flute and Whistle

Pipe tune to flute workshop with Cameron St. Louis

In this “Pipe Line to Flute” workshop, the group will explore a range of pipe music which is often heard on other instruments as well. Participants will learn a number of simple tunes and practice applying the stylistic palette which distinguishes Scottish bagpipe music to the whistle and flute. A key of “D” whistle or…

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CJAC Saturday Night Session

Irish session at CJAC

Free! Come one, come all! Join us after the Beltane Boys concert with your instruments for a fun session in the remodeled lobby space. Don’t play an instrument? Come and enjoy music, company, and craic! This event is part of the Irish Arts Weekend. 

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The Beltane Boys in Concert

Beltane Boys

The Beltane Boys are a unique Celtic band from the Pacific Northwest, combining virtuosic solo performances with three-part vocal harmonies and refined ensemble playing.

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OUTLANDER: Scotland’s Music

A dynamic concert of traditional Scots and Scottish Gaelic music and song from the popular Outlander novels and the Outlander series soundtracks.

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