Ann & Charlie Heymann at Home with the Gaelic Harp

Ann and Charlie Heymann at Home with the Gaelic Harp

Join Ann & Charlie Heymann at home via the Celtic Junction Art Center’s Facebook page, where they will discuss and demonstrate their unique approach to performing old Gaelic poetry with the cláirseach aka early Irish harp or Gaelic harp.

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CJAC Saturday Night Session

Irish session at CJAC

Free! Come one, come all! Join us after the Beltane Boys concert with your instruments for a fun session in the remodeled lobby space. Don’t play an instrument? Come and…

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Workshop: Scottish Gaelic Puirt-a-Beul

Scottish Gaelic Workshop with Richard Hill

Gaelic singer and scholar Richard Hill will present and teach Scottish Gaelic “mouth-music” or puirt-a-beul. 

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The Beltane Boys in Concert

Beltane Boys

The Beltane Boys are a unique Celtic band from the Pacific Northwest, combining virtuosic solo performances with three-part vocal harmonies and refined ensemble playing.

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OUTLANDER: Scotland’s Music

A dynamic concert of traditional Scots and Scottish Gaelic music and song from the popular Outlander novels and the Outlander series soundtracks.

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An Afternoon With Scottish Tradition Bearer Norman Kennedy

NEA National Heritage Fellowship awardee, Norman Kennedy will sing Scottish Lowland songs and songs in Gaelic, woven together with their accompanying stories. Norman will also lead participatory Scots Gaelic waulking songs.

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