Ogham as a Reflective tool


 The old Irish Ogham alphabet can be understood in many ways; as a mnemonic system, tree calendar, divination tool or meditative prompt among others. In this 4 part class, we will introduce each of the 4 Ogham Aicmes (with 5 ‘fid’ each) as well as the forfeda (an additional 5 characters) for a total of 25 Feda. Each Ogham glyph is said to represent a particular energy, reflective of the landscape our Celtic ancestors inhabited. Through discussion and craft, we will further hone our own personal set of Ogham to represent the ways we currently relate to a sense of place. Experiential prompts will be given between classes to help illustrate how the Ogham can be used as a reflective tool for meditation and otherwise.

Instructor: Jeanine Malec,  jeaninemalec@gmail.com
4 Zoom Sessions: Thursdays. 8:00 – 9:15 pm. June 1 – 22.
Course fee:  $100.  

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