O’Duffy and the Blueshirts: Fascism in Ireland


The Army Comrades Association, known as the Blueshirts, was established in 1932. The next year, Eoin O’Duffy became its leader and then the first leader of Fine Gael. This class will examine the origins, ideas, activities, and legacies of O’Duffy and the Blueshirts, their place in the international fascist movement, and their importance in the history of one of Ireland’s leading political parties.

This class is on-site only at the Celtic Junction Art Center’s new classroom which is located upstairs, across the hall from the McKiernan Library.

5 in-person meetings. Thursdays. 8:00 -9:15 pm. January 26 – February 23.

Class fee: $125

  • Online payment is strongly preferred. It automatically notifies the instructor and the director of CJAC’s Education Program of your registration.
  • By check, make it out to ‘Celtic Junction Arts Center’ and mail it to the Celtic Junction, 836 Prior Ave N, St. Paul, MN 55104.  If you pay by check, please send an email to the instructor, Matt Wright at wrightmw@gmail.com and copy education@celticjunction.orgWithout an email, we won’t know to expect you or how to communicate with you. 
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