Historical and Collective Trauma in the Irish and Indigenous Peoples of North America


Over the course of history many populations have been displaced by invaders and conquerors; this phenomenon was markedly severe for the Irish and the Indigenous peoples of the Americas. They shared many similar experiences of loss of land, language, religion, culture and identity, brought about as official government policy of their conquerors. They shared also, and rather oddly, a poignant connection forged when the impoverished Choctaw Nation gave $170 to Ireland at the height of the great famine that has echoes today. In this course, we will examine these parallel experiences of these two groups in the light of contemporary models of trauma and how these historical experiences affect us today.

3 Zoom sessions: Thursdays. 6:30 – 7:45 pm. January 20 – February 3, 2022.

Payment: $75

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