Lord Dunsany: Irish master of Fantasy literature


Considered the greatest Irish master of twentieth-century fantasy fiction over five decades from his first book in 1905, the great Anglo-Irish author Lord Dunsany (1878 – 1957) was a pioneer in world-building with his Gods of Pegāna. His cosmic visions spurred the development of such writers like J.R.R. Tolkien, H. P. Lovecraft, Arthur C. Clarke, Ursula K. Le Guin, Neil Gaiman, and J. K. Rowling (and even Samuel Beckett).  Revered by fans of fantasy writing because of his unique blend of lyrical prose and imaginative gusto, he achieved a body of extraordinary work that continues to inspire and amaze.

Course text: In the Land of Time and Other Fantasy Tales by Lord Dunsany. Penguin Classics. (Introduced and edited by S.T. Joshi.) 2004.

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Enjoy this article in the Celtic Junction Arts Review titled, “The Importance of Lord Dunsany.”

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