Doherty Family
Tony Doherty and daughter Marge, 1948, St. Paul, MN. Eoin McKiernan Library (EML) digitized photo courtesy Bill Nash.

Doherty Family Recordings

The Doherty Family Recordings were made by members of the Tony and Margaret Doherty Family at the family home on Selby Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1958. They feature the family patriarch Tony Doherty (1896โ€“1972) on fiddle, daughter Marge on piano and accordion, daughter Mary on piano and daughter Joan on piano. Another daughter, Monica, sings two songs. There is some talk between performances including brief chat with Tony and Margaret, some naming of tune titles and musicians, a Lawrence Welk skit and some narration of the tape itself.

The original was recorded on reel to reel tape and transferred to cassette tape by family members. A cassette tape version belonging to Tony's grandson Chris Cheney was digitized by the McKiernan Library.

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