The Twin Cities Irish Music Community:

20th-Century Tradition Bearers and the Revival of the 1970s and ’80s

An audio-visual exhibition including soundbites from our oral history project

Irish Music and Musicians in the Twin Cities Community: 1950-1990


With support from a Minnesota Historical Society grant, Celtic Junction Arts Center’s Eoin McKiernan Library did its first oral history project on the Irish music community of the Twin Cities. Irish Music and Musicians in the Twin Cities Community: 1950-1990 consists of conversations between interviewer Dáithí Sproule and 14 community members.

In addition to the complete interview audio and transcripts available online here, we have also created this online exhibition of select soundbites from the oral history project mixed with photos and other resources. The online exhibition was created to complement our 2018 physical exhibition of these materials.

In addition to the interviewees and photo contributors, The McKiernan Library would like to thank the following volunteers for help with the online and physical exhibitions: Dáithí Sproule, Kate Daly, Barry Foy, Virginia McBride, Shane Galvin and Shawn McBurnie.

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