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Celtic Junction Arts Center

Best Cultural Center in North America –IrishCentral, 2018

836 Prior Avenue, St. Paul, MN, 55104

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Irish Outreach Coalition

The study of other cultures through their own language stretches the minds of those who make the effort to learn about people and ways of life beyond their own, opening the world to them.

Celtic Junction Arts Center is home to many Irish specialists so this particular presentation focuses on Irish step dance, traditional music and song, language, stories, and how they all fit together. 

What is Celtic? 

“Celtic” though often used as being synonymous with Irish or Scottish, actually includes several historical nations extending south into modern day France and Spain. Celtic culture was strong, and well recognized by early Greek and Roman writers as a developed civilization as grand as their own.

Celtic dance, music, and language were cultivated for thousands of years in the courts of the Irish kings before being forced out at the hands of the British, in what became an attempt at nothing short of cultural annihilation.

The modern day resurgence of Celtic culture has come as a response to preserving the ages-old traditions that have nearly, or successfully, been wiped out in the historically Celtic regions.

After being pushed out of the courts, Celtic arts moved to where they remain today, with the common people. People all over the world, once exposed to rich Celtic traditions have fallen in love while learning the beauty and history of these almost forgotten arts.

The Celtic Junction Arts Center seeks to pass these traditions and stories to people both of Celtic heritage and those who seek to learn more about the history of our world, and the interactions of its people.

Students will come away from our programs with a richer understanding of the beauty and diversity of the world, a greater appreciation of this marginalized culture, and an understanding of how its benefactors have worked to preserve it. 

Irish Cultural Elements

  • Irish Step Dance
  • Ceili Dance
  • Traditional Music
  • Irish Language
  • Irish Literature
  • Folklore
  • Celtic Art

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