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Travel into words: Writing about (Irish) travels, Sept 23

10am-1pm. $36. Held in the McKiernan Library. To register: contact Martie McMahon directly at [email protected]. Checks payable to: Celtic Junction Arts Center.

Travel into words: Writing about (Irish) travels. Learn how to become a travel writer. Reflect on Irish sites while also appreciating their history and significance with in-class discussions and exercises. Discover how a travel writer can articulate personal impressions of Ireland within its contexts as a contemporary European state and also a deeply ancient spiritual nation. 

Martie McMahon has led three trips to Ireland since 2007. She holds a Masters degree in Theology from the University of St. Catherine, writes a regular travel column for the Irish Gazette, and is the Treasurer for Irish Network-Minnesota. She bubbles with an inexhaustible (and infectious!) enthusiasm about traveling in Ireland and encountering its people, landscapes, and spiritual dimensions.