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The North Star Gaelic Singers, October 4

7:30pm, $10 at the door

Presented by the Traditional Singers Club.

Having the idea this year to form a new trio around the unaccompanied singing of Scots Gaelic songs, Laura MacKenzie invited two singers knowledgeable about the language and songs, and the trio became The North Star Gaelic Singers (Katharine Grant, Scott Bartell and Laura MacKenzie). Katharine is singer of unaccompanied folksong, Gaelic songs being central for 20 years, and she has recently discovered the sung version of piobaireachd, the classical music for Highland pipes. Scott has been both a Highland piper and a singer of Gaelic -- a rare combination -- for over 35 years. Laura has more recently been enjoying her heritage by pursuing Scottish music, after several decades of immersion in Irish instrumental music and song. All three members of the trio have been active in the Traditional Singers Club for some years.

While Irish music has a strong following around the country, Scots Gaelic song has a smaller audience, being less well-known. Gaelic is the native tongue of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, so most of the songs come originally from those parts, sometimes via immigration to Canada or the States. Laura’s recent delving into the Gaelic songs of an immigrant Scot in Duluth, a native Hebridean from the Isle of Lewis, was the impetus for her forming this trio. Laura’s newest repertoire comes from field recordings made in Duluth in 1937, while Scott’s and Katharine’s songs come from singers in Cape Breton and Scotland. In their concert, you will hear work songs, dance songs, love songs, pipe songs and ballads – a lovely and varied program of solo and ensemble performances. Presented by the Traditional Singers Club, the evening will begin with songs from several resident or several resident or floor singers, in true singers club fashion.