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Hermitage Green in Concert, Aug 24

The Limerick based 5 piece have gone from Strength to strength since their decision to go full time, back in 2013. Starting out as a folk outfit at jamming sessions in a Limerick City bar and evolving since to incorporate more pop and rock elements while still using a lot of traditional folk instrumentation. [More]

Creating Characters That Dance: Exploring Female Self Image in Young Adult Fiction, Sept 9

What makes the teenage protagonist, competing with her friend to be as thin as possible, in Laurie Halse Anderson's young adult novel Wintergirls so real and riveting? Have you ever wanted to know what it's like to be somebody else, if even for a day? This class is all about imagining characters, playing roles, building a persona, and understanding what makes a character "real." It is designed for teenage/young adult girls aged 13-19 who are readers, writers, and dancers and want to get deeper into the characters they create: whether on paper, on the stage, or just in their minds. Taught by Jacqueline Hesse. [More]

No sweat Irish!: Spoken Modern Irish Gaelic, Thursdays, Sept 14 - Nov 16

Learn how to speak and write the Irish Gaelic language in a fun, relaxed, and innovative community environment using contemporary approaches to language acquisition. Incorporating conversation, songs, and games, this 10-week course takes the pressure and hard work out of Irish Gaelic and makes it an enjoyable and creative pursuit. Taught by Tommy Jeffers. [More]

Roots into Words: Reading and Writing the Ethnic Autobiography, Irish Style!, Tuesdays, Sept 19 - Oct 10

This class will help you to write and to understand memoirs written with an eye on heritage. You will explore expressions of Irish identity through in-class exercises, readings, and discussion. You will unearth and give voice to memories, stories, and family legacy. Participants will purchase and read selections from the instructor’s essay collection, Irish-American Autobiography. Taught by Jim Rogers. [More]

Turning real people into fiction: Learn how to write Historical Fiction, Sept 20 - Oct 25

How do writers generate ideas and do research to create historical fiction? How do they distinguish between factual journalism and imaginative reconstruction? How are characters based on historical personages ethically created? Join internationally celebrated writer, Nicole Mary Kelby, as she unpacks her 2014 novel, The Pink Suit - an account of the characters surrounding the creation of the famous outfit worn by Jacqueline Kennedy - to answer these and other questions. Taught by Nicole Mary Milligan. [More]

Alison Perkins & Nicolas Brown in Concert, Sept 22 TICKETS

Alison Perkins and Nicolas Brown have been playing Irish traditional music on uilleann pipes, flute and fiddle together for close to a decade. Together, they research forgotten settings of obscure tunes and bring them to listeners with a style that is at once unapologetically old fashioned, fresh, vibrant and spirited. [More]

Travel into words: Writing about (Irish) travels, Sept 23

Learn how to become a travel writer. Reflect on Irish sites while also appreciating their history and significance with in-class discussions and exercises. Discover how a travel writer can articulate personal impressions of Ireland within its contexts as a contemporary European state and also a deeply ancient spiritual nation. Taught by Martie McMahon. [More]

From Inner Song to Printed Book: how to write a publishable poetry collection, Oct 7 - 28

Draw on family memories, cultural heritage, mystical symbolism, and the magical Midwest to unfold connecting themes and articulate your personal poetic voice. Study models from the author/teacher, engage in discussions, discover the potential of point of view characters, and complete in-class exercises to kick start your poetry manuscript. Taught by Lynette Reini-Grandell. [More]

The Celtic Junction is a Twin Cities-based arts and cultural center that provides a central gathering place to educate our audiences and preserve, promote and celebrate the Celtic cultural legacy for the benefit of all ages and future generations. 
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